Anna Maiolica

For the very demanding ones, who want to have everything from a stove, Anna is the most comprehensive stove one can request. The panoramic view of the fire, superior to any stove in its category, the large enamelled oven and the SMOKE BY PASS device make this stove a precious and unique object.

Heatable area

116 m².

1 - Smoke outlet Ø 130mm

2 - Enamelled cast iron top

3 - Oven compartment (HxWxD - 303x344x333)

4 - Smoke by-pass technology reduces the smoke outlet to the living zone before every wood load

5 - Precious handmade majolica by master craftsmen

6 - Terziary air modulation devices

7 - Cast iron firebox door

8 - Cast iron firebox (HxWxD - 439x362x384)

9 - Loading opening (WxH - 315x470)

10 - Cool touch door handle

11 - Secondary air modulation devices

12 - Primary air modulation devices

13 - Riddle grate lever