Vittoria Maiolica

Vittoria is the ideal solution for those looking for utility, solidity, aesthetics in a small footprint. Its vertically developed combustion chamber allows you to admire the charm of a wood fire. At each load of wood the innovative SMOKE BY PASS device drastically reduces the release of smokes in the room.

Heatable area

115 m².

1 - Smoke outlet Ø 130mm

2 - Enamelled cast iron top

3 - Smoke by-pass technology reduces the smoke outlet to the living zone before every wood load

4 - Precious handmade majolica by master craftsmen

5 - Terziary air modulation devices

6 - Cast iron firebox door

7 - Cast iron firebox (HxWxD - 439x362x384)

8 - Loading opening (WxH - 315x470)

9 - Cool touch door handle

10 - Secondary air modulation devices

11 - Primary air modulation devices

12 - Riddle grate lever

13 - The refined raised base facilities the cleaning operations